The Digital Media Winter Institute is an annual event organised by iNOVA Media Lab with a particular focus on exploratory and experimental research advanced by digital methods, data analysis and visualization. For two intensive weeks, a crew of international participants, data experts and scholars have the opportunity to join different activities: the SMART Data Sprint in the first week and workshops in the second week.

The SMART Data Sprint 2019 invites participants to go beyond visible engagement: foregrounding digital practices and considering alternative metrics to measure other forms of engagement (than the use of the most relevant or trending lists as sources of knowledge). It is also an invitation to account engagement under unseen practices and the logic of both human and non-human activities. We are pleased to announce that our keynote speaker is Richard Rogers (University of Amsterdam), the director of Digital Methods Initiative and the author of Digital Methods (MIT Press, 2013). We also welcome Bernhard Rieder, associate professor in New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam, with the masterclass “From Algorithms to Diagrams: How to Study Platforms?”, and a practical lab on machine learning techniques. An International team of researchers will also be leading Short Talks and Practical Labs.

The second week of the Digital Media Winter Institute is dedicated to an enquiry on how to interpret digital networks across different platforms. Janna Joceli Omena (our coordinator of the group SMART and #SMARTdatasprint) is leading the workshop Interpreting Cross-Platform Digital Networks. This workshop will present some guidelines for interpreting cross-platform digital networks by introducing the technique of visual network exploration and conducting practical exercises in network data extraction and analysis.


Further information and applications here –>

Deadline for applications:

SMART Data Sprint: Beyond Visible Engagement –> 13 January 2019

Interpreting Cross-Platform Digital Networks –> 20 January 2019


Learn more about the data sprint approach in this video: #SMARTDataSprint


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