Science communication needs new approaches and new tools. The deficit and the dialogue models, which were adopted in the late 20th century to describe the relations between science and society, were completely wrecked by the Internet and its multiple networks. Engagement and participation quickly became the new buzzwords to explore and enhance public involvement with research and development activities.

The evolution of science, society and media needs to be acknowledged and incorporated in new and more efficient ways of communicating science. Research institutions can no longer wait for journalists or public relations experts to make their efforts visible. The communication between scientists and the different publics requires the creation of environments where real participation is promoted.

In an era where alternative facts are confused with mainstream media and rational thinking is played down by some bizarre but verbal groups, researchers and their institutions must protect science and its practices. At the same time, scientists should also engage in science communication initiatives to explain the importance of their work, and make these activities an important part of their agendas.

SCORE -Science Communication Research is iNOVA Media Lab applied-research group dedicated to the study and creation of science communication initiatives, at national and international levels, in order to increase the engagement of different publics with science and innovation. Our research efforts will be centered on the role of digital technologies in presenting scientific information more effectively and on the impact of social media in the publics’ perceptions of science.