Research focus goes into interactive and immersive narrative design (human-centered design), audience engagement (cognitive and affective assessment), and content performance, exploring the intersections of cinematic media and computer science. We study and produce engaging and focused story worlds, exploring 360 videography and sound design in virtual, interactive and gamified environments.

Coordinator: Paulo Nuno Vicente
Email: inovamedialab@fcsh.unl.pt


The Human Interface Technologies (HIT) research group bridges knowledge from different disciplines working together to create human-focused technology. Research is centered on ideating, designing, building, testing, validating and documenting new technologies, relying highly on human-computer interface techniques while embracing methods from other disciplines as well.

Coordinator: Carla Nave
Email: hit@fcsh.unl.pt


An intergroup research agenda focused on the interplay between innovation and digital transformation. From a cross-sectoral perspective – from higher education to the arts, entrepreneurship and business, creative and media industries – we study how advances in digital technologies are being integrated, allowing and/or constraining a new set of values, practices and artifacts.

Coordinator: Paulo Nuno Vicente
Email: inovamedialab@fcsh.unl.pt


New Media Literacies research group studies media education, with a focus on the intersection between media literacy and digital media. We examine educative processes about how to access, use, produce and critically analyze messages in new channels such as the Internet or social media. We also investigate how educative digital resources can be used to improve media education. The goal is to help improving media literacy, empowering citizens of a global society.

Coordinator: Ioli Campos
Email: newlit.inovamedialab@fcsh.unl.pt


Studies and creates science communication initiatives, at national and international levels, to increase the engagement of society with research and innovation. Our research efforts are centered on the role of digital technologies in presenting scientific information more effectively and on the impact of social media in the publication’s perceptions of science.

Coordinator: António Granado
Email: score.inovamedialab@fcsh.unl.pt


Conducts exploratory studies on web platforms advanced by digital methods and social media methods building new data-driven research techniques to social science and the humanities and engaging with device culture. For instance, to grasp the functioning of application programming interfaces and to study the web platforms and their algorithmic configurations, techniques and parameters.

Coordinator: Janna Joceli Omena
Email: smart.inovamedialab@fcsh.unl.pt


Explores how information visualization can turn complex data into accessible information. Research carried out by the group focuses on topics such as the cognitive and social factors involved in the interpretation of large volumes of data, accessible visual representations, ‎the role of interactivity in visualization, user engagement in visualization and ‎visualization evaluation.

Coordinator: Ana Figueiras
Email: vida.inovamedialab@fcsh.unl.pt

Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas
Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Avenida de Berna, 26 C
Edifício B1, sala 1.09
1069-061 Lisboa, Portugal
Phone: +351 217 908 300 ext. 1438

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