Memespector Graphical User Interface (GUI) is a research software developed by Jason Chao that supports multiple computer vision APIs, serving well the study of large image collections. Memespector GUI would assist researchers who are less familiar with coding or running script files to use proprietary (Google, Microsoft, Clarifai) and open source (ImageNet) computer vision APIs, also characterised by its high performance and user-friendly interface. Memespector GUI is inspired by the original memespector projects of Bernhard Rieder and André Mintz but distinguishing from the previous projects by its capacity to easily invoke multiple computer vision APIs. The first version of Memespector GUI (0.1) was launched in January 2021 at the SMART Data Sprint (watch the tutorial here), while the new version (0.2) was developed in the context of a collaborative project about computer vision networks at the Center for Internet Advanced  Studies in Bochum, Germany. 

The list of research tools developed by Chao is longer, including the AppTraffic created for studying the network traffic of mobile applications (apps), App-store-query-cli a command-line tool to query the popular app stores (Google Play and Apple App Store) and the Offline Image Query and Extraction Tool. This latter was created as a response to the short life of online image URLs, allowing researchers to explore and analyse specific collections of images on demand. 

Jason Chao is a full-stack Software Developer,  Human Rights Advocate, and Civic Technologist, also an iNOVA Media Lab and SMART group collaborator.

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