“Questioning and defining the (new) role(s) of computation on the mediation of Human Interactions” – this is the main topic of the Digital Media Summer Institute for 2020.

The Digital Media Summer Institute is a virtual immersive 4-day event aimed at the collaborative development of research projects.

A small group of PhD students and candidates will be selected to participate in this program where four leading international researchers will tutor them, providing guidance and valuable insights into their research. Each day, the program will begin with an online keynote. The keynotes are open to the general public, but there will be limited places, and previous registration is mandatory. Participants of the summer institute will be guaranteed a spot.

During the day, participants will have one-on-one time on a private session with the tutors where they will receive guidance on their projects. Group chats and activities with the participants will also take place during these 4 days. Participants (applicants should be PhD students or candidates) will be selected according to their topics of research and work, and each will be assigned a tutor (each tutor will have 3 students under their wing).

Participants can look forward to strengthening their scientific approach by looking at their research from new, fresh perspectives, and by asking new and unconventional questions. Participants will also have the opportunity to build a community, share ideas, and collaborate with each other and with the instructors.

Check for more information, full schedule, applications and scholarship opportunities at the official page: https://digitalmedia.summerinstitute.pt