The Dígitos journal (University of Valencia) has open calls for articles on the topic “The Data Sprint Approach to Research: Experiments, Protocols and Knowledge”.
Data sprints reflect the learning by doing principle by providing a space for intensive research, tool creation, coding workshops, exploratory data analysis, and visualisations. This monograph aims to make room for research experiments, protocols, and knowledge creation through data sprints, giving greater value to the so-called data sprint technical report, describing the implementation of exploratory and inventive ways of reading, seeing, and analysing platform data. 
iNOVA Media Lab (ICNOVA) researchers Janna Joceli Omena (CAIS) and Ana Marta M. Flores, with Beatrice Gobbo (Politecnico di Milano/Density Design Lab) and Lorena Cano-Orón (University of Valencia), will edit the thematic session of the next issue of Dígitos Journal (University of Valencia) on “The Data Sprint Approach to Research: Experiments, Protocols, and Knowledge”.

Manuscripts must be unpublished and can be written in Spanish, Catalan, English, or French. The submission deadline is on December 23, 2021. Full details are available at