Welcome to iNOVA Media Lab, an applied research laboratory at FCSH/NOVA devoted to the interdisciplinary convergence of digital media and emerging technologies. The lab is organized around four research lines: immersive and interactive storytelling, visualization and data analysis, digital journalism and science communication. Its mission is to translate scientific knowledge into real solutions for contemporary media, addressing the problem of a broken intermediation between R&D institutions, communities and the industry.

iNOVA Media Lab is geared towards translational practices, integrating researchers, professionals and students in scientific, educational and entrepreneurial projects. We depart from the recognition of a “future shock” both in academia and in the media industry: “when you are confronted by the fact that the world you were educated to believe in doesn’t exist”. Bringing trusted brains together in an interdisciplinary setting, our overall effort is to create new formulas that enable education and science to renew their relevance in a highly complex contemporary world.

How to transform knowledge in real value for people’s life? We rework the traditional opposition between theory and practice, teaching and researching, university and the industry, culture and economics. iNOVA Media Lab makes more fluid the value chain made possible by a scientific approach to digital media creation. We see ourselves as an organizational hybrid, a molecule made of collaborative practices based on the ability to build partnerships, deepening inter-university and industry cooperation networks.

Here, experimental culture fosters a trading zone for boundary objects at the intersection of distinct occupational worlds and where different types of expertise can be found communicating and collaborating. Come build the future!