It is with great honor that we announce that iNOVA Media Lab’s immersive narrative project Dreamscape, led by Paulo Nuno Vicente, is one of 20 prototypes that at a global scale will benefit from Sennheiser’s AMBEO – Augmented Audio Developers Program. Dreamscape was selected competitively due to its originality. Project development will be based upon AMBEO cutting-edge technology, comprising the hardware and software needed to bring augmented audio to an augmented reality experience on iOS devices.

Dreamscape program is to develop a short-fiction dystopian immersive transmedia narrative inspired in the universe of dreams and nightmares and based on neuroscience scientific findings that will inform the script. The project will develop several immersive narrative environments based on 360° video and spatial audio.

The opportunity to develop and share the project applied-research settings with AMBEO technology is key since Dreamscape will conceive and deploy aural experiences across on-line video platforms, game engines and A.I. speakers (eg. Amazon Alexa). Dreamscape aims to study how the narrative aural and visual structures connect with users’ cognitive structures, for instance, how spatial audio directs the narrative experience.