DALI Coordinator


Dora Santos Silva holds a PhD in Digital Media under the UT Austin | Portugal international program and a master degree in Contemporary Culture and New Technologies at FCSH – Nova University of Lisbon, where she also graduated in Communication Sciences. Media innovation, digital journalism, cultural journalism and creative industries are her main research areas.

She is a founding and executive member at iNOVA Media Lab, where she coordenates DALI – Digital JournALism Initiative. She has teaching experience in the fields of journalism, cultural journalism, cyberculture and digital storytelling. She is an invited assistant professor at FCH-UCP and at FCSH – Nova University of Lisbon.

Outside the academic world, she has 15 years of experience with words, communication and arts. She began her career as a journalist to be – as Henry Luce said – as close as possible to the heart of the world, but eventually she wanted to experience other forms of closeness. She worked as a copywriter for a creative agency and as a scriptwriter for film and documentary production companies. A few years later, she returned to journalism and worked also as an editorial coordinator for multiplatform projects, five of which in the field of arts. Now, she continues to write and experimenting creative ways to tell a story – digital is a wonderful scenery to innovate in storytelling.

She doesn´t believe that newspapers will be physical forever, only great art objects such as magazines. There are literally 400 cultural magazines – her “art pets” – in her workspace from all around the world. For now, there is only space left on her tablet.