Digital Media (PhD)

Arianna Mencaroni defines herself as a “professional amateur” of non-fiction storytelling, passionately driven to the creative use of audiovisual tools for social and cultural projects.

She is currently developing her PhD thesis in the field of interactive documentary, within the frame of the UT Austin-Portugal Program.

She has been working in several research projects on the representation of diversity at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona’s MIGRACOM, where she obtained a Diploma of Advanced Studies (Master of Research) in Audiovisual Communication and Advertising.

She has undertaken documentary, ethnographic, action research and participatory video projects on diverse socially sensitive topics for different public and private institutions, such as universities, municipalities, and NGOs across Europe.

Arianna has always enjoyed being socially engaged, and in the last years she has been taking part in an activist collective (En torno a la silla) advocating for the rights of disabled people and the transformation of design.

What she enjoys the most is staring at the Tuscan countryside, her home, before jumping into new trips and explorations.