VIDA coordinator

Ana Figueiras holds a bachelors in Communication Sciences, a masters in New Media and Web Practices, and a Ph.D. in Digital Media, all from FCSH NOVA, where she currently coordinates VIDA – Visualization and Data Analysis – a research group at iNOVA Media Lab. Her research focuses on Narrative Visualization and visual forms of storytelling. Her objective is to research and identify the best techniques to incorporate narrative elements in a visualization and which elements provide an effective storytelling for visualizations. To that end, her projects include understanding factors that influence user engagement and information visualization literacy.

She created and maintains ReThinking Visualization, a visualization repository that intends to build a better understanding of all the pieces that compose a visualization and help to detect patterns in visualizations across different areas or disciplines. It consists of a collection of visualizations analyzed according to their reading/viewing order (linear or user-directed path), narrative elements, visual elements, and interactive elements.

Figueiras is an invited assistant professor at FCSH NOVA, where she teaches Visualization Fundamentals and serves as social media chair of the International Conference on Information Visualization (IV). She is a free software enthusiast and an active member of the Ubuntu Portuguese community.