Green Pac-Man

This applied MA research project by Isabel Patrício addresses climate change as one of the biggest challenges humanity is currently facing. Very little attention is being paid to the impact of what we eat in that ecosystem. Experts say that every year the meat industry is responsible for one fifth of the greenhouse gas emissions (GHE) and that it significantly contributes to land overuse. Yet the news pieces about such subject are rare or end up not gaining enough traction. Green Pac-Man is  a remix of the classic Pac-Man. It sits between a current event game (since it has a vintage/ arcade ambiance) and a community game (since it aims to show how a specific agent affects the larger picture).


Dreamscape program is to develop a short-fiction dystopian immersive transmedia narrative inspired in the universe of dreams and nightmares and based on neuroscience scientific findings that will inform the script. The project will develop several immersive narrative environments based on 360° video and spatial audio, having been supported by AMBEO – Augmented Audio Developers Program by Sennheiser.

Paralympic VR: An immersive experience

This applied MA research project by Caroline Delmazo aims to create an immersive narrative in the universe of paralympic basketball. Paralympic VR explores virtual reality techniques, allowing a privileged 360 degree access to the training universe, with explanations on the modality sport, its rules and classifications, and offering interviews with athletes and technical teams.

Interactive video production in partnership with Loup Langton (Western Kentucky University)

Interactive video production towards prototyping of an international project on gentrification in collaboration with School of Journalism & Broadcasting at Western Kentucky University (USA) and Interactive Media Program at University of Miami (USA)

SMART Data Sprint

SMART Data Sprint is an intensive hands-on work week, driven by online data: a form of implementing exploratory and inventive ways of reading, seeing and analysing platform data. For one week participants have the chance to attend keynote lectures, short talks, and parallel sessions of practical labs. Participants are invited to join issue experts or scholars’ projects. The goal is to collectively achieve rich insights or concrete outcomes, creating the opportunity for knowledge production and providing an environment in which participants can equally contribute and benefit from each other’s expertise.

IN+ Embrace this Energy

90 Segundos de Ciência

Damos voz aos investigadores portugueses em 90 segundos de Ciência. Das ciências sociais às ciências exatas, passando pelas humanidades. Dos Açores ao Minho, da Madeira à Covilhã, do Algarve a Bragança, e aos que andam espalhados pelo mundo. Das ciências sociais às ciências exatas, passando pelas humanidades. Duas vezes por dia na Antena 1, de segunda a sexta, antes das onze da manhã e antes das sete da tarde. O 90 Segundos de Ciência é um projeto do Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica António Xavier ITQB NOVA, Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas – FCSH NOVA, ambos da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, e Antena 1, com o apoio da Novartis. Visite o podcast.


PANOPTIS operates at the cutting-edge of contemporary digital media, bridging journalism and science communication, interactive documentary and videogames, data science, cultural anthropology and social psychology.  The project has three main objectives: (1) to develop a taxonomy of immersive journalism projects, (2) to assess audience engagement and content performance within reality-based virtual environments, and (3) to design and test innovative formats of immersive documentary that contributes to environmental education.

FCSH +Lisboa

FCSH +Lisboa – Conhecer e contar a cidade é um projeto editorial multiplataforma da Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas da Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCSH/NOVA). Professores e investigadores desta faculdade têm estudado Lisboa a partir dos vários olhares das artes, das línguas e das ciências sociais e humanas. O FCSH +Lisboa abre essa investigação ao público em geral, de uma forma simples, funcional e atrativa. Partindo de um espólio de quase 500 teses de mestrado e doutoramento, artigos, capítulos de livros, livros e projetos de investigação, indexados a uma base de dados até novembro de 2016 (e em contínua atualização), o FCSH +Lisboa reúne centenas de curiosidades, memórias, intervenções e roteiros diferenciados de Lisboa.

NOVA Magazine

A NOVA Magazine é uma publicação online produzida no âmbito do iNOVA Media Lab do Departamento de Ciências da Comunicação da FCSH/NOVA. A NOVA Magazine olha por dentro da NOVA e conta as suas “estórias”. Mas quer mostrá-las além fronteiras universitárias. Pretende informar para debater, divulgar para diversificar, expor para questionar. A NOVA Magazine compromete-se a respeitar os princípios e os valores consagrados na deontologia profissional do jornalismo, bem como nos diplomas legais que regem a atividade.

SMART Data Sprint

SMART Data Sprint is an intensive hands-on work driven by web and social media data: a form of implementing exploratory and inventive ways of reading, seeing and analysing platform data. The event is annually organised by SMART (see #SMARTDataSprint Research Blog). To sprint with data, the group preparation begins months before the event; for instance, through theoretical and technical readings added to practical exercises with social media methods advanced by data extraction and analysis software. The first SMART Data Sprint (in 2016) was dedicated to the debate of Data Journalism on Social Media, and the theme for the second edtion (in 2018) was Interpreters of Platform Data. SMART team is now planning the third edition of SMART Data Sprint that will be in January 2019.

Conversas sobre o Futuro do Jornalismo

Ciclo de conversas sobre o futuro do jornalismo, resultantes de uma parceria entre a iNova Media Lab, os Bagabaga Studios, a Fundação José Saramago, com o apoio do Instituto Cervantes, a Fundacion Gabriel García Márquez para el Nuevo Periodismo Iberoamericano (FNPI) e a Antena 1.