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iNOVA Media Lab receives POCH funding for digital transformation of basic education

The project REDs – Digital Educational Resources aims to design, create and pilot digital educational resources for the 1st cycle of Portuguese basic education in the areas of Science, Mathematics and Portuguese. The funding provided by Programa Operacional do Capital Humano (POCH), approximately 650.000 euros, will allow the development of the work plan over three…

exploring trends for journalism on youtube

Exploring Trends for Journalism on YouTube

iNova Media Lab team has presented the ongoing research on “Exploring trends for Journalism on YouTube: the production and consumption of video 360º in Brazil” in the IV SOPCOM Conference of Young Researchers at the University of Porto. The study is led and co-authored by the lab research group SMART: Ana Marta Flores, Janna Joceli Omena, Elsa…

Binaural Listening Experience stage

Manuel Heitor attended the first binaural concert in Portugal

The Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Manuel Heitor, attended the first binaural concert in Portugal, carried by iNOVA Media Lab. “Binaural Listening Experience” was an immersive experience that resorted to binaural audio to give the spectators the feeling of being on stage, surrounded by the musicians. This method of recording sound intends to create a 3-D…

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