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Paralympic VR at the Sports Innovation Exhibition

Instead of a flat screen, a head-mounted display. 360-degrees to explore the locker room, the stretching,  the athletes while dribbling, passing, trying free throws. You are incredibly close to the athletes, you can feel like you are part of the Portuguese wheelchair basketball team. It is only a five-minute experience, but it provides a special…

Embedded, networked, and growing

The UT-Austin-Portugal Digital Media program, now in its 10th year, is evolving.  Even as Portugal adopts new goals and new projects, our joint program is finding new ways to explore, study and create digital media projects and developments.  Sponsoring research projects, special workshops, short and long semester courses, and supporting numerous events over the years,…

From a “future shock” to a digital innovation ecosystem

Welcome to iNOVA Media Lab, an applied research laboratory at FCSH/NOVA devoted to the interdisciplinary convergence of digital media and emerging technologies. The lab is organized around four research lines: immersive and interactive storytelling, visualization and data analysis, digital journalism and science communication. Its mission is to translate scientific knowledge into real solutions for contemporary…

Digital Media Winter Institute 2018

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